Monday, August 29, 2011

Highs and Lows #19

Lets see what I can remember...

1) Morning radio show just really got under my skin this morning. I listen to Cosmo Radio Sirus/XM 109. Normally they talk about fashion, hair, make-up, cosmo magazine, entertainment, etc. This morning they were judging one of the Kardashian girls for having a baby with someone out of marriage, wanting to have another baby and not wanting to get married. First, this Kardashian sister has enough money to raise any number of kids regardless of if they split up or stay together. Second, one of the two hosts has never been through divorce. Third, I don't want to think about my dad on my way into work. I don't want to think about him ever really. I will give the long ugly back story later, but for the hosts to talk about divorce/marriage/being together and having kids for the entire hour long drive into work was irritating and frankly made me want to cancel my Sirus/XM membership. They judge people and I am ok with that, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but the way they judge this wealthy woman who chooses not to get married and have kids is a little outraging. Yes the kids would be through trauma either way married or not, but they should not get married just because they have a kid together and want to have another one. For some it is a big step to buy a house, for some it is a big step to get married, for others it is children. So what if they do things in a different order. It isn't up to me to judge as long as I am not going to have to turn around and pay for the welfare of all of their kids. Ugh, just really started my morning off on a sour note.
2) Laci got sick last week, and had a fever this morning. Dude... REALLY!?! I don't have a bubble child, what is the deal? Sick 3 times in a month. GRRRR!
3) Because Laci was sick last week she missed yet another team practice, this makes 3 now. Can someone please tell me what magic pill I can give my kid so that she stops getting sick?!? I can't take this, I am going to be exchanging Christmas presents with the doctor at the rate we are going.

1) Got to do a CCTV install last night for work. I did great! I was just REALLY glad I came prepared! I had a 25' extension cord, had gotten a dust pan and broom (mini one), had gotten a folding tripod for the camera, a connector in case we had to tap into power, exacto knife (and practiced cutting a ceiling tile out), white play dough, sharpie marker, a flashlight, and a slew of other stuff for the just in case I needed it. The only thing I couldn't plan for was them not having a ladder. So the Director went and bought a 6' ladder and I was able to get the install done. I just hope the store next door doesn't give it away since they were open until we left the install.
2) Had a wonderful time with my BFF on Saturday when she came over and made freezer paper shirts on Saturday. I will show you those on another day.
3) Enjoyed the weekend with my snuggly munchkin since Jake left on Saturday to go to Houston.
4) Had a wonderful time and Hibachi on Friday night! Love the guy we had as the chef dude... his name was Ken and he rocked! Laci asked for more fire... he gave more fire. It was cool!
5) Laci loves her new class! Private Kindergarten is already shaping up to be awesome!

Anyways, it was still a great week despite her being sick, but I wish I could figure out what the dealio is. As for the radio station this morning... you still have me in a foul disposition, but I am sure that is nothing that coffee and chocolate can't fix. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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  1. Sounds like you have an awesome week, minus Lacie being sick again. Arielle's always my sick one, if there is anything in the air, she's going to catch it.

    About the radio station, some people have nothing better to do than judge. ugh.


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