Saturday, February 12, 2011

10 Things About Me

1) I very strongly hate ticking clocks (currently happening)
2) I always buy to much fabric (currently working in my favor)
3) When I have time to do projects I don't want to, when I don't have time I do want to (currently happening right now)
4) Can't find anything in my craft room despite if it is clean or not (currently not clean). Even with all my storage it is looking more like WW3...
5) I love to do crafts and gifts for my family and others that are close to me
6) I would rather pay someone else to clean my house than do it myself (too bad I can't afford it all the time - I keep thinking when Laci gets older, i.e. at real school, not her current school that is $150 a week, etc.)
7) My idea of cooking is looking at a book and hoping it will appear on my plate... my BFF is teaching me this one as we get older
8) I have about 10 movies on constant replay in my craft room, I am starting to get tired of them though... is this an indication that I am spending too much time in there? NEVER!!!
9) I still cry while watching some of these movies even though I have seen them so many times (A. I refuse to admit what movies these are)
10) I am still stalling (which I am good at) putting the sewing machine on my desk... I think it is kind of sad that I can't remember my sewing machines name... it definatly wasn't snazzy enough. Task... come up with a snazzy name for my machine. I think I already said I work better with men than women, so a mans name would probably be better. This seriously can keep my brain going huh?!? Anyways, time for a movie change and then I need to get my sewing machine on my table. I am very open to name suggestions...


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  1. My suggestion for your machine is ...Ernest. :-) I figure a sewing machine should be honest and trustworthy.


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