Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Valentine's Card

Every year my sister makes a Valentine's card for her husband (Secretly, this is why I don't get to make cute ones myself because I am spending so much time on my sisters). In fact I think she has since they started dating. She insists all the time that she is not crafty. Looking back at some of her previous cards... there is no way. She has a crafty bone in there somewhere!

They have been trying for years to get pregnant, and now they are just 6-7 weeks from having that little one they have wanted so much. This card is inspired by that little miracle...

This is the front of the card that says "A bun in the oven, a pea in the pod"... this cute little pea features 3 lime green brads. My sister was like how am I going to do peas? I said... I have it! I used my hole punch and punched three brads through it before it was attached to the card. Um, can we not say adorable! This really made the front of the card. My sister said "Who has lime green brads on purpose?" GUILTY! I am a mini craft store in my home. Anyone want to come shopping?
1 - Card

This is the top of the inside. The little feet are really cute... not really a fan of the white dots since there aren't very many of them, but it's still cute.
2 - Card

This is the bottom of the inside. Isn't she just so sweet!
3 - Card

And because she says the best cards come from Hallmark, she always does this on the back of them. Super cute!
4 - Card

Keep this in mind for if you are expecting, another year, it really did turn out cute! What do you think?


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