Sunday, August 29, 2010

(2) more tile disapointments... grr

Ok, so my best friend told me to try doing the outline of the logo in the vinyl, paint the right color and then take off the negative... does that make sense? Well I forgot to take pictures, but lets just say it took two coats, so I had to wait until it was dry and it lifted the paint right off the tile. :o(

So back to trying a different top coat to seal and be thicker. Bought a tripple coat sealer from Walmart and went to go try it... the neadle section was broken off the top of it. So I tried to put it back on. Lets just say that the tile got coated, but that it wasn't very pretty... I will be taking the can back because I can't use it broken, and I couldn't get it back on. :o(...

So my next thing I think I want to get is a concrete sealer clear gloss... and try paintig that on.

Any thoughts? Otherwise??? I just want to find a suitable solution, I am just getting really frustrated with this whole thing. I just need something stronger and thicker but still relativly cheep and easy becuase I will be doing lots of them. The first one I did I also tested and although the oil based paint works perfectly it isn't very thick and the vinyl dented where I sat a wet glass for a couple of days.

Got together the two giveaway packages and I will be going to the post office tomorrow.


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  1. I'm just posting over here to make sure you saw my reply to your comment about my comment on the original tile thread.


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