Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Craft Room Make-Over

Warning - Photo intensive post...

So this is what I started with, two tables that were very sturdy and only $25 each, ok amount of space, but NO storage, I had my TV, and clutter everywhere. It was really hard to work because I couldn't find anything. Plus, there was no inspiration that made me say... oh I want to be in here. Let's just say it isn't that way now.

Before #1

Before #2

Here are the in progress pictures.

First with the painting:
During #1

Then with building the unit:
During #2

Then with the finished product (ok, fine almost finished - I still have some stuff to do and will post with those updates later):
This one is a little messy at the bottom because I wasn't quite finished, but it had the good view of the room:
After #1

From the other angle, and as you can tell I am already using the room:
After #2

The ribbon holder (still needs to be finished with the black rods), Laci's Mother's Day painting that she gave to me, and then one of the mirrors I made:

After #3

The fourth wall which this is all you will see of it until I finish it up, it is still a little cluttered after scoring that major stash of scrapbooking goodies:
After #4

Inside my closet with a small (the rest of the closet is a disaster) view of some (not all) of the stuff I got from the scrapbooking goodies:
After #7

My TV stand with a picture of my hubby when he was little and my little Laci when she was a baby:
After #5

A view at the movies that are on constant replay in my craft room and I never get sick of them (they are listed out below the picture so that you don't have to squint to see them):
After #6
* Her Best Move
* Sleepover
* Stripes
* Stick It
* She's The Man
* Private Valentine
* A Cinderella Story
* Bring it On Fight to the Finish
* Legally Blonde 1&2
* Can't Buy Me Love
* Ever After
* The Trouble with Angels
* Sydney White
* One of the Cinderella Movies (with Whoppi as the Godmother)
* What A Girl Wants

Anyways, I hope that you like it. I LOVE it, and am so thrilled with the space and storage that I have in there.

Oh, and don't forget to add your stuff to It's Stinkin' Cute Craft Thursday for your chance at winning some scrapbooking/craft loot!

Let me know what you think, I can't wait to hear from you!



  1. So cute! I love the pink and all of your storage space. It looks great.

  2. I'm SO JEALOUS!! My dream is to one day have a craft room to call my own! Yours looks GREAT!

  3. Oh my GAH! I lovey love it!! Pink is my favorite color :) All that storage Id be in heaven!!

  4. I love the pink! What a great craft room! :) Anna

  5. I love the pink and i love the way you used up which i am assuming is the IKEA Expedit cabinet and desk combo. How fun it is to have two tables that are opposite each other!

    I just redid mine also with IKEA and blogged about it here
    stop by to have a look when you can

  6. Looks great! I wish that I had a craft room.
    Bonnie :)

  7. Okay how did I miss that post?! Oh I LOVE IT!! I am so jealous of the wall unit!! Great job!


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