Friday, August 27, 2010

Junk Filter / Giveaway

I want to let my two giveaway winners know that I just confirmed my fear... the junk filter caught both of your e-mails to me. Go figure. I can't check my junk filter on my phone and I just hopped on to see the e-mails from both of you. Note to self... make sure winners leave a comment on the giveaway post that they just e-mailed me for verification so that I don't miss the e-mail come across if it goes to the junk filter.

Anyways, I have the first one all put together, and I will probably send out the same thing for the second since I have all those goodies in multiples.

I was beginning to wonder if ya'll didn't want the giveaway. hehehe. Anyways, I will put these together and visit the post office tomorrow or Monday.

Hope your having a good weekend! I am SO glad it is Friday!


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