Monday, August 23, 2010

Coaster Help

I have until November to figure this out, but I want to start early. So I figured with my SCAL software, my Cricut and my Vinyl that I could come up with another really cute project. I saw these cute little tile coasters from My Computer is my Canvas and thought. Ok so this would be really cute in an edited format to give as gifts for those kids in college, going off to college, etc.


So with my software I cut out the vinyl and attached it to the coasters and then sprayed it with some double gloss stuff found in the hardware store (still looking for the Triple Thick she used, but the guy said that it was oil based and two coats should do about the same job). So I was thrilled when I sprayed them (still have to attach the felt to the bottom so that they don't scratch anything) and they looked so pretty. That was until I picked them up yesterday afternoon and found that on two of them the vinyl had pealed back a little bit. You can't really see in the picture, but it is pulling up.


I was thinking that by using vinyl that it would work better because it would stick with no problems... guess not. My next option is to try putting down the vinyl, then modge podge, then spraying them and seeing if that will seal in the vinyl.

Any ideas? I mean I guess I could try paper instead of vinyl, I just thought the vinyl would work so much better than the paper because it was already sticky on the back.

I wouldn't designate this is a craft fail yet, more like a craft in progress. I mean this is totally awesome because each tile costs less than 50 cents completed. I would think they will be a great gift for kids going into college. Give them a set of 4 and they will probably go nuts. I look forward to sharing my other college projects in the works right now. They are really cute and super fun to make.

Anyways, for now I need mondo help with figuring out what angle to try next. All ideas welcome!



  1. What kind of vinyl did you use? I have the best results with outdoor vinyl from H&H. They have great customer service.

  2. I haven't worked with vinyl that much so I don't have any tips. But from the looks of it, I figured you must be from Texas, cause you only have Big 12 schools on your coasters. LOL I am an Aggie. :) Can't wait for college football to start. I think the angled logo looks good!

  3. Anon- Ok, I just went and peaked at H&H... how on earth do you know what the outdoor vinyl is? They have so many different ones to choose from I almost fell out of my chair.

    Haley - Yes ma'am... I am from Dallas. My sister went to BU and I have lots of friends that went to all the other Big 12 schools. When I get my technique perfected I may just have to send out a care package of them to you ;o). Um, BTW... go to the Alamo... it is really neat!

    I will stop at the hardware store this weekend and get more supplies to try more. Thanks for the suggestions, maybe I will get more before going to the store again.

  4. It's me- Anon-again. H&H customer service is great and they can help you decide. Also, check out

    From one Julie to another. Cheers!


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