Friday, August 20, 2010

Mickey's Marshmallow Munchies

Have you ever had a rice krispie treat and it was just really dry, didn't turn out how you wanted it to, and was just well... REALLY disapointing? Well you are in luck, I am going to share the secret family recipe for the best tasting Marshmallow Treats you have EVER had with just 4 ingredients.


(1) bag of small marshmallows (jiffy if available - they are really good)
(1) stick of butter (doesn't have to be room temp, but goes a little faster if it is somewhat softer)
(1) box of rice krispie cereal
(1) Cap full of Vanilla

First take a microwave safe bowl and dump the whole package of small marshmallows and the stick of butter into the bowl and put in the microwave for 1 minute.

While that is in the microwave get a wooden spoon and douse it with Pam so that there will be no stickage. After the minute is up, pull the bowl out, stir and repeat until the marshmallows and butter is at a liquidy consistancey... you will know when it is ready. The marshmallows bubble up in the bowl, so just keep your eye on the microwave or you will have a mess to clean up.

If you want to add a color for a holiday you can do this really quick at this point because you will also be adding in the cap full of vanilla. Stir it all together and then start adding in the rice krispie cereal.

I think I usually end up using about 3/4 of the box, but when adding in towards the end, just go slowly, you want to make sure that it is all coated. Once you are done you will then lay it on a piece of wax paper or in a pan (coated with pam) to spread out.

***If you want to do shapes grab a cookie cutter (which has been coated with pam) and instead of cutting out the shapes, pack the rice krispies into the cookie cutter mold and then pull up. These shapes will be soft, so try not to move them for a couple minutes, or make them on top of a cookie sheet with wax paper on top and then pop it in the refrigerator for about 5-10 minutes... this way you can stack them faster.

You will be making treats that are not only tasty, but irristable in no time, and I can garentee that people will be going back for seconds and thirds and asking for the recipe.


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  1. I just made Cocoa Krispies treats last week. Mine don't come out dry, they come out really sticky. I think I need to add more cereal. I like the idea of adding vanilla. I bet that makes them even better-tasting!


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