Wednesday, June 19, 2013

South Hill Designs

Maybe it was because I turned 30... maybe it was because I wanted something new... I don't know... but before I left for NY... which I have SO many things to share about the amazing trip we had (need to get the pics off the camera)!!! But before I left I started thinking about these beautiful lockets I have seen and heard about! Here is the one I loved and created to wear for myself... I love photography and this was perfect!


Well I don't know what got into me, but I am glad it wouldn't go away... I can proudly say I am now a South Hill Designs Independent Artist and am thrilled at the opportunity to get to share in something that is amazing as well as party with friends! In the interest of keeping things a little more separate, I have a separate website and blog for this... it is Tell Life's Story. There is truly something that is perfect for everyone...


Everyone has their own story to tell and the wonderful thing about South Hill Designs is that we have the opportunity to help each person whether they are your children, family, or friends, yourself or a co-worker… tell their own unique story. The amazing stories about their lives from their family to work or to interests and hobbies – they can all be combined into one wonderful story.


The best thing about doing this is that I get to not only use South Hill Designs to tell different stories from my life but that I get to help others “Tell Life’s Story”. These life lockets are not only beautiful but they can be personized not just once but daily with different charms to go with sporting events, casual days at the office, or even elegent evenings out on the town.
Flowers Locket

If you are interested at all in South Hill Designs I would love to answer any questions you may have for purchasing, fundrasing, hosting a social (facebook, catalog, or in person). If you would just like to go see what is available... feel free to shop here or if you would like to get design ideas go here.

I am super excited about this and look forward to sharing more about this as I grow.

Hugs and I will tell you about my amazing trip to New York soon!

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