Thursday, June 20, 2013

30th Birthday in New York City - Recap Day 1 & 2

I just wanted to burst out in to song with Frank Sinatra's New York, New York song...

Start spreading the news
I am leaving today
I want to be a part of it
New York, New York

Ok, at the risk of sounding cheesy we were all very excited to get to spend time as a family together for an entire weekend! Although our flight going out was delayed, once we got on the plane and got going we seemed to get there pretty quick, thanks to a direct flight.

Once we got in and got the rental car we all just wanted some food and to crash. We ran over to eat at Applebees and then went back to the hotel and got settled in for the night... I know pretty lame not to do anything fun the first day... but traveling really wears you out!

Ok, so Friday.. our first real day there. First thing we went to visit the corporate/home office for where the hubby works (he works from home in Texas but this is their corporate office). They just moved into a new building.... as with moving in anywhere there are growing pains and changes... Who would have thought you had to have a certificate of occupancy before you could fix a roof (at least I think I caught that correctly)?!? I mean wouldn't the city want the occupants to be able to fix the roof before they move in? Anyways, they are working on it, and despite the tarps and buckets to catch the water... the building was renovated beautifully!

I LOVED the color scheme... if I thought the hubby would let me paint green and grey stripes on a wall of our house (guest room maybe), I would probably try it. But lets just say, we arent' the most skilled painters, so it probably won't happen (unless my sister wants to come over and try horizontal stripes for me). They had a very bright and open feel to the place. The break room was AWESOME... just awesome... pretty sure the kiddo would have been content staying in there all day! I also finally got to meet most of the people I knew he has worked with for all these years. Everyone was really sweet and I was glad I finally got to put names with their faces!

After leaving the office we went over to the LIRR train station and started our first day in the city!



We took the LIRR into Penn Station and then walked out of Penn Station towards Time Square. One thing that I'll never get over is how tall some of the buildings are. I mean they are just TALL!


We were already hungry since it was around lunch time, and found Hard Rock right there in the square and ate at Hard Rock and took our picture under the sign when we finished.


After lunch it felt like we went everywhere under the sun...

The Hershey Store:

The MnM Store:
Of course there was an Elvis MnM...

Then the massive walls of MnM's... and so you know... I didn't buy any chocolate or other sweet item in either one of these stores... Impressive I know!


Toys R Us (the first time):



(Now that's a barbie dream house!!! Look at those rails!)

(if the munchkin played with Barbie's more I would have totally gotten her this)

(Laci with King Candy)

(OMG if you liked Peeps... this was the place to be!)

(They had an entire Wonka corner... and for those of you that know me or have read my blog enough... you know that the munchkins 5th bd party was all about Wonka)

Build a Bear (you know because she doesn't already have enough stuffed animals in her closet)
(We did put our foot down and made her get an NY outfit for the darn thing... she named him Beary - real original I know...)

American Girl - I guess we forgot to take pictures in there...

Rockefeller Center


The Lego Store
(Hubby wouldn't even smile for the picture because I said no to him getting the lego R2D2...)

Before you go and think I am a mean wife... it was $200.00. So I took a picture of it completed for him...

(Lego Rockefeller Center)

This Lego Sign was amazing... it was all little people...

This dragon was incredible.. it weaved throughout the store...

Ok... so once we were done there, we bought tickets to the musical we saw on Sunday, and then headed back to Penn Station to catch our train back to our hotel area... We got SO incredibly lucky and caught the train one minute before it was leaving otherwise we would have had to wait an hour for the next one.

So day one was a MAJOR success! We had fun and were exhausted.... I would say with good reason!

Hugs and until next time~

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