Monday, June 24, 2013

30th Birthday in New York City - Recap Day 3 - My 30th Birthday!!!

So the day happened... at 4:35am... I turned 30... did I feel any older? Eh, not really. But you know it was still a milestone that I was celebrating. We had our list of things we wanted to get done and had gotten most of it done the day before.

When I woke up I got online to see if there was anything available for a harbor tour. Well to my luck I found a lunch harbor tour! So as much as we didn't need to drop another chunk of change, it was my 30th Birthday after all. Got the tickets and BOOKED it out the door to make the train.

We ended up getting to the Chelsea Piers area WAY early, and who knew there wouldn't be ANY shopping for tourists. Like NONE! Nada! Zip! Zilch... So we walked up and down the pier and saw some beautiful boats, then we went to sit down and relax while waiting for our time to board.

Laci kept us entertained with some dance moves:
(this one is my favorite!)

Then we went on our lunch tour which was pretty awesome!

After finishing our harbor tour we went back uptown to the Plaza to see the Eloise Store:
(she was a little excited can you tell?)


Then we headed over to FAO Schwartz where she got Phinny the Elephant.

After that we were kind of done and started back towards the subway where I saw this beautiful bridge:

Uhm... long way up/down... eek... this is in the subway!

One tired chicken!

Then we had an hour and a half subway adventure before taking a cab back to Penn Station... don't ask it was bad... The subways were on maintenance, they weren't going the direction we needed... then got off and went to get a cab and no cab would take us... the police officer yelled at the cabs for us. Mean people! We ended up in a Starbucks where I broke down and the awesome staff told us where we could get a cab.... I need to send them a HUGE THANK YOU! I was about to start sobbing... was kind of ending a great day crummy... but they saved the day!

Then got the cab and got to Penn Station. Missed one train by 10 minutes so had to wait 50 to catch the next one. Found a place to sit and played i-spy and Laci watched her iPad (don't judge... it is a life saver.. she gets bored easily).

Got on the train, got back to the hotel and ordered a Pizza and relaxed while watching a movie.

Was an awesome birthday aside from the Subway and Taxi's being unhelpful!

Anyways, so much to share from day 4 and 5 still...


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