Tuesday, June 25, 2013

30th Birthday in New York City - Recap Day 4

Ok, so after the crummy er... awesome... taxi and subway service we got to enjoy the day before, we opted to drive into the city since it was Sunday and there would be less traffic. Got into the city in about 35 minutes which was WAY faster than taking the subway and LIRR... Plus we were kind of over the thrill of the subway after Saturday's adventure/experience.

So on the drive in we saw some AWESOME bridges and cool buildings...

We parked like a block away from Time Square and were right where we wanted to be. So remember how I said we went to Toys R Us the first time... well, the Farris Wheel was down for maintenance on Friday and we told Laci we would go back. I tell you what we have a future lawyer or doctor on our hands because she doesn't let us forget anything... so back to Toys R Us we went: DSC_0397DSC_0416DSC_0420

Other shots inside:

Then we went shopping for souviners and other items before going to the play... Lets's ignore how much we spent for the tickets... the price was OUTRAGEOUS! But it isn't like we get to go often, so why not get good seats...


We decided to see Matilda because we all love the movie and book and was age appropriate for Laci. The play was AMAZING! The girl who played Matilda was PERFECT! Just PERFECT!

After the play we were tired and headed back to the hotel where Laci played with Beary and her Statue of Liberty Hat...

It was a great end to a wonderful day! Look forward to telling you about my personal highlight to the trip tomorrow!

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