Friday, April 20, 2012

Flower Girl

I am still sitting here trying to figure out when my baby got so big. But while I do that I may share part of the craziness we are in this week. So Laci is fortunate enough to be a flower girl not once but twice this year. I am delighted that she was asked and it is so nice to see how grown up she is (even though I secretly want her to stay this size forever). Since that won't be happening any time soon let me keep on going.

When I was at my favorite bling store (they are amazing... they sell shirts and heat transfer designs and rhinestone designs galore) I saw this cute flower girl rhinestone design. It was a little messed up and needed some TLC. The cashier (owners son) said if you are willing to fix it you can take it. So I did... Last night we had the rehearsal for the wedding, so I made Laci a shirt to wear... what do you think?

Close Up:

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my heat press... best purchase EVER!!! I mean EVER EVER EVER!!! Totally worth it folks! Anyways, here is my baby in her shirt looking all grown up!

Ok, I am going to sit down with a tissue now and relive the day when she was this tiny (pardon the hearts... covering up some info)...

I'll post pictures of her next week when I get the chance of her in the dress this weekend...


  1. That shirt is just darling! And I love the new look of your blog!

  2. Thanks... been playing around all morning trying to find a design that I like. I still want to eventually have someone do the whole thing for me... but this might tide me over for a while. :) I can't wait to upload the pictures from this weekend in the dress. She was just an adorable little princess.

  3. You picked the right color of shirt and the rhinestone design. You can tell by the photo, where Laci is wearing the shirt, that she likes it very much. Did you iron it on to the shirt? How long did it take till it stuck to the shirt?

    Lissette Monroe


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