Thursday, May 3, 2012

Teacher Appreciation is next week... eek!

So I am trying to get ready for Teacher Appreciation. This year the kiddo has had two really great teachers. Ms. Heidi is the morning teacher, and Ms. Kristen is the afternoon teacher. It really has been a great year, so I wanted to make sure we showed them how much we appreciate them. Here are two of the five things they will get next week.

  Teacher Appreciation

In the middle back are the two acrylic glasses that I personalized. Kristen likes the bolder zebra print kind of stuff so that is what she got on her acrylic glass. Heidi likes floral summery kind of stuff, so I did a hibiscus flower for her on her glass... well two actually.

In the front and on the outside are coasters. Heidi again got the flower theme, but unfortunately because of how the vinyl is made I couldn't do zebra for Kristen on the coaster, so she got purple... I am sure she will like it anyways! There are four of each coaster and a coaster holder for each teacher.

I am all about using what I have to create awesome things, so I went into my craft room and dug out the acrylic glasses that I bought months ago for $3 each (they were a great deal so I bought 9... I am down to 4 eek... what will a this hoarder do?) and then the coasters that I bought at the employee sale... don't ask, it was a weird thing to have at the employee sale, but I have had them for over a year. They were probably $1 or 50 cents for the whole thing (4 coasters and the stand in a box). Uhm, no brainier... awesome to make cool gifts with!

Anyways, so I have had everything and the vinyl for a VERY long time. So these two super cool and groovy teacher gifts cost me nada but the time spent putting them together... I mean at the time they did, but I don't count that because I have had the stuff for so long... but in case you are keeping tally... total comes to around $8 bucks for 4 gifts. Not that I am trying to be cheap, but really... you know you wish you were her teacher because these are pretty rockin'.

Bet you can't wait to see what else I am going to do, because I am only planning on spending $15 bucks more total for 6 more gifts... not all will be as fun as these two but they will still be great! You know curiosity is going to kill the crafter, so come on back in a couple days and hopefully I will have more finished and posted!



  1. Wow,,, those are sew stinkin' cute!!!! How did you cut the vinyl and stick it on.

  2. Totally easy... just used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the vinyl design, weeded the design (the negative parts that I didn't want like the inside of the e's and d's and then the outside of the letters), then used transfer tape to put it onto the items. Really easy.... now the coasters I cut the design in reverse because it is actually on the underside of the coaster. Let me know if you still have questions.


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