Friday, April 6, 2012

Fun Wonkaesque Party Food

Do you remember the part in the movie where Gene Wilder (aka. Wonka) picks up the daffodil teacup and eats it?

Wonka Teacup

Well I wanted to have a play on that and found these edible teacups online at Disney Family Online

So I wanted to have something that would resemble them and my MIL did an awesome job with these. I bought ice cream cones and then found a good size sugar cookie to complement the size. She cut off the tops of each ice cream cone for the cup part. Then used melted white chocolate to seal the ice cream cone to the cookie together. Then right before the party started we filled them with vanilla pudding and topped them off with whipped cream and gold sprinkles. I LOVED how they turned out!
I didn't ask her to do the handle... She totally could have because she is talented like that, but I didn't feel it was necessary and they turned out so stinkin cute!

Now the bottom of the cones were left over and she asked if there was anything I wanted to do with them. I had no clue and said I would just use them for ice cream later. She pondered it and came up with the one of the only things that was GONE by the time the party was over.
She dipped the cut edge in chocolate, let it dry and then put mini mnm's inside. Genius!!!! I am not kidding... every last one was gobbled up. I think there were at least 35-40 of them and they were ALL gone! Totally awesome way to use something that probably would have gone to waste. I LOVED how they turned out and apparently they were perfect kid size!

A huge thank you to her for all of the hard work she did the week leading to the party, between planting flowers to cleaning, and just everything!

Anyways, now you have two super fun ways to use ice cream cones!


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