Monday, April 16, 2012

Children's Aquarium at Fair Park

Yesterday we went to a birthday party at the Children's Aquarium at Fair Park. It was AWESOME! I mean for parents and kiddos. Because of the birthday party we got in for free, but the cost really isn't all that bad!

$8.00 - adult
$6.00 - child (3-11) and senior (65+)
Ages 2 and under – free!

Anyways, Laci had a blast and we had such a good time seeing all the different things there. My favorite time of the entire day was with the Sting Rays. Laci got to feed them and pet them. Another parent commented on how brave she was because she was just sticking her hand in there and had no fear!

This will be a picture heavy post, but I can't help it, it was all soooo cool!

Here is Laci before we got to see the sharks and sting rays.
IMG_2877 - Copy

IMG_2876 - Copy

Laci and Daddy in front of the shark tank:
IMG_2878 - Copy

Looking at the sharks:
IMG_2908 - Copy

Laci petting and feeding the sting rays. This was just amazing!
IMG_2884 - Copy

IMG_2901 - Copy

Back inside there were so many other fun things to see too. This is Laci and Daddy being taken away by the Octopus:
IMG_2921 - Copy

These are the moon jelly's they were so pretty!
IMG_2925 - Copy

Laci and Mommy with the moon jelly's:
IMG_2926 - Copy

These are Poisonous barbed Lion Fish, I thought they looked neat!
IMG_2931 - Copy

So I did a self portrait with them:
IMG_2932 - Copy

Laci and Mommy with a huge lobster or something like that:
IMG_2933 - Copy

Laci and Daddy with a huge lizard of some sort, I looked for his species name, but couldn't find one.
IMG_2937 - Copy

Hubby took some amazing pictures of some sea horses! They were so pretty. It was really neat to learn about them too. Apparently they aren't very good swimmers so when a current comes along they attach themselves to sea plant life like this. It was awesome!
IMG_2957 - Copy

One floating along:
IMG_2958 - Copy

Outside the aquarium:
IMG_2959 - Copy

Laci outside with the sea horse statue:
IMG_2960 - Copy

Last but not least, Laci with one of her school mates giving hugs as they said bye...
IMG_2961 - Copy

We had SO much fun! What a wonderful party! I totally would go there again and would encourage others to go too!


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