Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Laci's 2nd Birthday -Curious George Party - 2nd Post

Here goes day two's post on Laci's 2nd Birthday Party. Today I shall cover, food, activities and decorations. Enjoy!

As far as food... let me tell you. This was the year that we tried to grill.... When you have 70+ people flowing in and out of your house... this is a BAD idea! So take it from me. Crockpot hot dogs like we did for Laci's 3rd Birthday, they are good and no one will care!

Otherwise we had chips and salsa, you see the bananas cut up in the bowl in the back (come on we had to have bananas for Curious George), crackers, dip, and I am sure other good stuff, but I don't remember.

The cake was really cute, from my favorite bakery, and over priced... Again, if you are trying to save money take it from me, do cupcakes and cute picks like we did for Laci's 3rd birthday.

Every year for her birthday we read a book to the kids and do an activity that coordinates. In this book, Curious George was in a band. So what did we do? Made tambourines of course. They were all already hot glued together, so all the kids did was decorate them with stickers.

Here is Laci with hers.

Here the kids are having a blast making theirs. You can also see crayons in the bottom of the picture. While we were waiting for kids to arrive we had coloring pages and crayons out (great for kids who don't want to do other stuff anyways. Keeps them busy). Oh, and my table is not yellow... but for the purposes that I don't want my tables destroyed, we cover them with butcher paper so that the kids can color on them, get them messy, and I can just tear the paper off at the end of the day. Awesome I promise!
Party Shot 3

My mom and her class made this for Laci. We used it for her 3rd birthday party too, but we will need a new one before next year. It got a little wind damaged this year.

Just like the Mickey decorations this year that we made with the opaque projector, there were Curious George ones all around the house. This is a nice reminder that I do need to get started on the Cat in the Hat/Dr. Seuss ones for Laci's 4th birthday party.
Happy Birthday Laci

George in the Band

Super George

Coloring on the Wall George

George with a banana

Laci is 2

George being Curious

Anyways, for any of you that have viewed Laci's 3rd Birthday Party, you know that things were bigger and better this year. But, still I wanted to take a minute to share some of the cool and fun ideas that we had for the George Birthday Party. Hope you enjoyed!


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