Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas coming early for me...

My husband is amazing.... why? becuase he listened to me and started looking for what I asked for. I told him I wanted a light box because there were some pictures that I just didn't want taken on my counter or table or in the grass... you know professional looking ones right!

So he is getting me the SP500 Platinum Photo Studio In a Box by Square Perfect. Now I am not getting it straight from SP, for the price we are paying for it I am fairly certian it might have fallen of the back of a truck... just kidding... but we are getting an amazing deal on Amazon!

It comes with two light boxes, 4 back drop colors, (2) lights, and a camera stand that goes tall too. I am sure I am missing something, but I can't remember what at the minute. I am just PSYCHED! Oh and it is coming in today. I mean I am going to open it Christmas... yeah right... it is getting ripped open when I get home, but hubby did the same thing with FIFA 11. He didn't wait to open it till Christmas, so turn about is fair play.

Now I just need to look online for a remote for my camera becuase I want one really bad to do self photos and not feel goofy by asking someone else to take my photo. Then after that I want big back drop stuff which the same guy sells at really good prices, so I will go for that next.

Hope you all have a great weekend... I know I will playing with my new toy. Oh, and remember when I decorated my work area PINK... it may be in a magazine... eek! I will share if it is!


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