Tuesday, November 9, 2010


***WARNING*** People on major health kicks may not want to read what I have for breakfast and skip the next paragraph.

I sit here 10 months later (eating my daily breakfast consisting of a double chocolate muffin and diet coke <- I know so not healthy) almost 16 pounds lighter.

Has it sunk in yet for you? 16 pounds... 10 months... Pretty good if I don't say so...

How do I look you may be asking since I had that awful Christmas day picture taken? In truth I don't feel like I look any different. Kind of sad, I mean I am about 5 pounds from my body's happy weight... 10 pounds from my personal goal, and I am not happy about it.

I mean in the past month we (meaning hubby and I) haven't made it to the gym, and that has been because our lives have been so hectic. Funny enough we tried to go this past Thursday night and they were closed for renovations for the week... News to me. We will probably go back if not a couple days this week then for sure next week probably every day.

Anyways, I sit here kind of bummed, I mean I know that I have lost weight because my pants don't fit anymore (they sag really bad and I find myself pulling them up every time I walk <- actually I can pull them down off of me without unbuttoning them at all <- kind of neat), and I am actually going to go back down to a 6-8 size.

You probably are asking yourself what the **** is she doing if she hasn't gone to the gym in a month and eats the worst breakfast on the planet. I eat a smart one every day for lunch, in fact 4/5 times it is the Chicken Fetichini one. There are very few times that I will break and go downstairs to the cafe for lunch but it is usually for the Chicken and Rice Stuffed Bell Pepper on the Weight Watchers menu or if they are having one of the 3-4 salads I really like. Then for dinner I try and be smart with my calories and not pick something heavy.

What ever I am doing, it's working, so I can't complain... I just wish that my stomach and thighs reflected the loss in the mirror. BTW, I hate mirrors with the exception of this one skinny mirror that was in a hotel in downtown Dallas when my friend Lauren came in town I stayed the night with her. I loved this mirror, I mean I looked good... Any other mirrors forget about it.

Anyways, enough of my self loathing.


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