Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just what I needed... NOT!

Locked myself out of my car... just what I needed today... oh and cherry on top... where is my spare set you ask? Oh, just locked in my car. :o(

What a bad way to start my Tuesday/Friday. I am so mad at myself. Anyone have words of encouragement?

***Update - I will be getting in my car in about 15 minutes or so and it will only cost $45.00. Could be worse price wise and a lot slower for that matter. Valuable lesson. Keep the keys on self at all times when getting out of the car (not in a purse) and keep the spare set at home. ***

***2nd Update - Got in for $40.00... not too shabby, but then again angry that I did it to begin with. It was kind of scary how fast the guy got the door open, he didn't even use a jimmy. He used the lock picking tools you see in movies to open a door, and was in within 30 seconds. Wow was my first thought! Ashley, if it makes it sound even dumber I have a clicker. I must have hit it not paying attention and then thrown it in my purse then when I got out of my car I shut the door before grabbing my purse, because it was cold and went to grab my coat. Yup, today I am the queen of how to be not so bright*** The day is looking up at least... not much more can go wrong from here (knock on wood)!


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  1. What a bummer! I used to be the queen of locking myself out of my car. Now my car has a clicker that locks the doors, and I only use that. Can't lock the door without the keys in your hand!
    Glad you got back in the car!


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