Tuesday, September 28, 2010

:o( Sad Phone....

So last night my precious iPhone had a car accident. I must have dropped it out of my purse. Hubby must have driven over it. Luckily a nice lady found my phone on the drive way called Jake and put it in the mail box for us. LCD screen has been broken and the back case has a small crack. With the screen black it doesn't look like anything is wrong. Then you press the button and can see the sadness that displays. It is still usable until I decide to drop the $200 to replace it. I am just so broken hearted about the whole thing though. I feel like it is my fault although I know it was an accident. This is the one personal thing aside from my daughter, husband, and dog that I would grab out of a burning fire if I had the chance. Sad I know that I feel such a connection to it, but happy that at least it is still usable for a little while longer while I reflect upon the situation.



  1. What a bummer! I totally know how you feel. Whenever I break something I get so mad at myself. At least you can use it still! Hope you have a better day today!

  2. My screen on my precious iPhone has been shattered for almost 3 months now, I have yet to get it replaced. I felt horrible. I had gotten an expensive OtterBox from my mom for it as a Christmas gift last year, and the one week I decided I didn't need it on, I dropped the phone on a stone floor. I felt horrible, because even though it was an accident, if I would've had the OtterBox on it, it would've been fine. I truly understand your pain.

  3. My phone is like my second me!! I get so frantic when I lose it for a second!! I can imagine how saw you must be!! BTW I LOVE your balls of joy!! How do you make those!!


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