Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Doing the Happy Dance & Paper Roses!!!

Ok, so I can't totally tell you what is going on (will announce it on 10/1), but I can kind of tell you... Lets just say yours truly has worked her rear end off and I saw an e-mail come across that should have been a verbal phone call since I get other peoples e-mail. Um, I am like totally psyched! I can't tell you how stumped I was when I saw this email, needless to say my boss immediatly pulled me into his office to discuss. So, all good stuff, and a VERY HAPPY Julie.

On to the Paper Roses that I saw earlier today... I have asked my pal Ashley over at Cute as a Fox to see if there is a good way to do an SVG file to make these Paper Roses that I saw over at Frog Price Paperie. Ashey is amazing and before I could finish my post had already e-mailed me (3) SVG files to try on my Cricut. If you don't know what an SVG file is, but you have a Cricut, me sure to check out the AMAZING Sure Cuts A Lot Software over at Ashley's site. The posibilities are endless and although I haven't gotten to work with it alot I L-O-V-E it! I will let you all know what the svg file I use to make these pretty little flowers. But if you don't have a cricut or the SCAL software they do have a tutorial over at Frog Prince Paperie.



  1. Oh I SOOOO need to buy the SCAL!!My friend was going to let me load hers on my computer and then she loaned it to another friend, and yeah, it hasn't made it to my house. I guess I am just going ot have to buy it. Love the roses!!!!

  2. Brilliant! I don't have one of those (yet) but I'm sure it would make the whole process of cutting out roses a LOT quicker!! :)


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