Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Stinkin' Cute Craft Thursday #80

My life has been one big ball of busy this past couple of months. I will never ever volunteer to be the gift person ever again... EVER. I may offer to help, but will NOT be in charge. Heck last night my sister goes "you know Holden isn't going to be able to wear those onsies forever" To which I should have replied... do you know the last time I made something for Laci to wear? It has been since like the spring. I hate it! I want to do stuff for her and simply DON'T have time... So I guess I get to neglect making things for my kid because yours is more important... Don't mine me, I am in a crummy mood and haven't had enough coffee...

Anyways, in an attempt to finish what I have started here are two awesome features.

The first one comes from An Irish Italian Blessing who shows us how to make an adorable centerpiece, front door decoration, half wall decoration, you name it... it could probably go there with ease... It is a GLITTER PUMPKIN!!! Any of you that personally know me know how much I love glitter and just how much is currently on my kitchen floor. So if you want something else to do before people come to your house for thanksgiving go make this adorable thing! But as a warning... do it outside or in the garage... it could be messy!

The next thing comes to us from Lady with the Red Rocker... They are Sugar Cookie Bars with Cream-Cheese Butter Frosting! Can we all say delish?!?! So if you are in need of a pitty party (raising my hand) or just want a delish treat to share, go cook up a tasty storm!

To my two features grab a button... they may be my last ones to hand out for a while. I am still not sure if I am going to continue through yet...



  1. You are so awesome and this totally made my day to see my craft on your blog!!! I'm so glad I found someone who has another obsession with glitter, doesn't it just make everything happier? :)

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my Sugar Cookie Bars! So glad you liked 'em! :)

    Stephanie @

  3. Those sugar cookie bars will surely appeal to kids in kiddie parties! Looks yummy :)


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