Tuesday, November 15, 2011

IBK Gift #3

So the girls had their first competition this past weekend... They came in second and really did a great job!

First up here is my munchkin at competition...

Here is the pyramid (Laci is in the middle on top)...

Yes she is 4! Isn't that uh-mazing and cute!

Anyways, the first competition gift we gave were personalized clipboard cases:

I really meant to take a picture of all 16 of them together, but time got the better of me, and I forgot... but I don't ever wish to do them again, so I am ok. :o)

We do have one boy on the team and I couldn't do the cheerleader on the thing... I thought it would be too girly, so I did this:

What do you think? Each clipboard case had an 8 pack of crayons inside and 10 coloring pages. I think they turned out awesome! Don't you? I have lots of work to do on the next couple gifts, but they are getting there!

Can't wait to hear what you think!


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