Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Gifts

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day and enjoyed spending the day with their families....

I had no idea what I was going to do for my mom until last week when she said, "I can't find any of my dishes to make the chicken and rice in". It was then that I knew what I needed to do. Trust me, it wasn't like I spent a ton of money, it was more thoughtful and just took some time. In fact, I only spent $17 or 18 bucks plus the $8 etching cream I have had in my cabinet for months... but I am sure I would have spent 3 times that had I bought these from someone...

Here is the first Pyrex dish I etched, the one side says Grammy's Goodies and then all around it are the ladybugs (it's kinda her thing):



For the larger one I wanted to do one that had her name, so I did one large ladybug and had it say Made with love by: Cyndia:


I was really worried about the raised Pyrex and other info on the back of the dish and that the etching cream would go under the vinyl that I had placed as a template, but it was perfect! I will totally be making these for other gifts in the future because they were easy, fun, inexpensive, and are truly a great gift (well I think so anyways)!

I look forward to my mother in law living here soon so that I can make her feel just as special (they are moving here, so sending something that they will just have to pack kinda seems like a pain to me). On that note I hope my daughter starts to tell my hubby how important Mother's Day is next year and that he should at least get me a card... you know because I birthed his child and all. But over all I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend and really enjoyed what my mom helped Laci do for me! I will take some pictures and post it another day, because it was super stinkin cute!

So what do you think? I think for a fairly last minute gift (yes I was making these on Sunday morning <- I know I am a bad daughter) that they turned out amazing! My mom loved them!


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