Friday, February 10, 2012

Wonka Party Planning - Take 2 - Sayings for the Walls

So I am totally behind in the planning for this years party. I am hoping in the next couple of weeks that we get on the ball and get more of the decorations done so that I feel better. Last night we did finish all but one or two of the sayings for the walls.

Here are some in action shots using this amazing machine that is basically a cricut/silhouette on crack and doesn't have to have a mat. You lay it on this board thing that suctions the paper down. Because of this we can go cheepo and use construction paper. Uhm... awesome!

Here is a sample of some of what we cut out:

Here is my beautiful mommy with the machine.

Here are some more action shots of the machine...

(yes there is a starbucks white mocha on the table... it fuels me)

This is me looking kinda scruffy, but turn about is fair play, I did take a picture of my mom, so she took a picture of me. I am still unconvinced that I look that tiny. Maybe it is because I look at myself in the mirror daily, but the number on the scale doesn't seem to coordinate with what I see in the mirror. What gives yo? Although I must say, my legs and tummy aren't in this picture and this is where I see the issues that I am referring to. Aside from that I need a good tan.

Here is an up close before taking one of the cuts off the machine. You can barely tell there are cuts, but there are and it is AWESOME!!!

Anyways, next time I go up there we are going to start on the characters, but would you believe that it actually took us almost (3) hours to do the sayings. No joke... I'm serious!

So that is it for Take 2... See you for Take 3 next week!

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