Monday, February 6, 2012

Football Season is OVER - Congrats to the Giants

So my BFF Tia... she might kill me for this... Here she is...

Isn't she super stinkin' cute! I heart this chick... she is actually the reason I met my hubby... I am forever in debt to her for this. Well if you couldn't tell, Tia is a Giants fan... I am here today to show you just how big of a fan she is and how I aided her in decorations and clothes for her party/kids.

So one day last week when I was playing driver to my hubby and munchkin for doctors appointments I got to sneak in 2 hours of crafty time with my buddy. Tia wanted to make clothes for her kids instead of buying them jerseys that were EXPENSIVE!!!

So we used the silhouette to trace the logos we wanted and used some heat transfer vinyl from Craft Vinyl (Yo Nick... You rock!) who has the best prices and service ever!

Here are her two adorable munchkins all decked out in their Giants gear... The shirts and pants total were $30.00 and then $6.00 for the white t-shirt vinyl. So for $36.00 they both had two custom outfits that they loved and rocked like mini rockstars!

Her son loves Cruz #80 and her daughter loves Manning #10.

Of course he wanted his hair blue... Crazy kiddo!

Because Tia was doing a buffet style party she wanted to have confetti for the Giants... here are the awesome pictures of her spread... note the super cool confetti that I helped her make... *** BTW I was lamesauce and didn't go... dude I am not into crowds and had a mini party of my own with my mom, hubby and my munchkin ***

YO Tia... what gives with all the Sonic cups...

I love the balloons!

I am pretty sure every where you turned there was Giants stuff roaming about!

Also, I am positive NO ONE went home hungry!

Last but not least was a parting gift from one of the pieces of confetti. Tia thinks it is just an awesome reminder of a great day! A piece of confetti got wet and was in her sink overnight. Look at what happened! Any suggestions to get it off? I already suggested bleach and a Mr. Clean sponge thing....

Looks like everyone must have had a great time! What an awesome end to that game too. I personally had no pull either way because the Cowboys were not in it, but because of Tia I figured I would root for the Giants! So, go Giants! Hope everyone had fun with their friends and family regardless of who won or lost the game!



  1. Ok, as for the Sonic cups, my brother's wife (you know who Im talking about) couldn't drink what I had provided, so hence Sonic drive by. Oh and just for the record, the kids clothes were $36 total! $13 each. You can't beat that! Thanks so much for helping me make my party a huge success!!! Love you!

  2. Love the kiddo's outfits and the blue hair is freaking awesome!! I'm hungry now after looking at all that food, so thanks for that :) I would try some comet and a scour pad to get that out!


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