Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pink Day at Work

Yesterday at work was pink day. Where someone came out to my work from Susan G. Komen and the company donated $20,000 to the foundation. They decided to have a decorate your cubes in pink contest. Although it wasn't about winning for me (even though I did), it was just about bringing awareness to the research and breast cancer in general.

Without further ado, my winning cube:
To the left of the box is where the computer is that I work from 99% of the time. You can see my keyboard and mouse peaking out.
Right Side and Floor
This is one of my shelves and the box is covering my honker printer. It slides off for easy access.
Printer Box and Shelf
Middle and Right Side
Me in the pink cube. Someone said my skin is tinted pink when sitting in here.
Me in my Cube
Left side of my desk and spare computer for monthly reports.
Left Side
Other shelf.
Left Shelf
Gift basket for winning. Of course everything is pink.
Gift Basket

Needless to say I am enjoying the sea of pink and will keep it up until next Tuesday. I love it!

What do you think?



  1. Are you serious!! That is fantastic!! Julie! WOW! I'm glad you won you did a great job!! :)


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