Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Seven years ago today, I married my best friend. Seven years later, I love him more than words can say. I sat there this morning looking through photos of our album that just made me smile. I remember how I felt, I remember how happy I was (and thankfully still am), I remember how amazing the whole experience was. Seven years goes by so quickly, and I can't tell you how lucky I am to be married to such an amazing man. Seven years ago, numerious people told me I was too young, gave me the odds and statistics, told me that I would change. For most people I would tell you 20 probably is too young for anyone to get married, but I truthfully feel that it is entirely on maturity level. Do I think I have matured since then, sure, we all do over time, but obviously I proved many people wrong.

Through out the years we have had many people tell us, "I wish that I could have a relationship like you two", or "ya'll are perfect for each other". I can't tell you that I do think we have something special and that we truly are meant to be together.

With all this said, here are a couple pictures I took of our wedding album this morning.

Isn't he handsome? This is my husband. I sure did get a cutie. Now you see where my daughter gets it from. It really isn't me.
Jake against Tree
So stinkin' cute!

Our wedding date!

This was the moment they saw me coming over the bridge in the carriage. Aren't the faces priceless? The top picture is Jake. The middle picture is my mom (isn't she pretty), and the bottom picture is Jake and our best man Brian.

My sister and I coming over the bridge in the carriage.

Down the aisle
I love this one, it looks like a magazine picture.

Our unity candle that my mom and I made.

This was right after we got married. We were in the pro-shop of the country club.

Entire Gang
A picture of the entire wedding party.

Table Decorations
Some of the inside decorations.

Jake and I listening to the toasts...

Me and my sweetheart!

My happily ever after!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed my 7 years of wedded bliss & TTFN~

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  1. Beautiful pictures!! Happy Anniversary Julie! <3


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