Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shirts for the Party - Mickey Party Planning - Take 13

I am feeling the pressure... only two more days until the party. I want to hurl... I think I have about 70 people confirmed for the party. Now the weather is supposed to be good. A little windy, but compared to last year, we should be alright. I am SEW STINKIN excited about the shirts I made for Jake and I to wear at the party...

Come to think of it, this was really his idea. But we love how they turned out. Jake's logo is a little high, but when he buttons 2 out of the 3 buttons it looks fine. Mine on the other hand turned out PERFECT! I got the appliques from Digital By Design and then added our names with my 3D software. I just love how they turned out. Now there will be no mistake as to who is Mommy and Daddy at the party.

What do you think?

Shirts for Party

Shirt Logos Up Close

We are excited because we are going to keep them for Disney in a couple years. I mean they are nice polos that will stay fine if hung up. Yippie!

Won't we just be "Sew Stinkin Cute"?


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  1. I have loved keeping up with your party planning!! You've thought of EVERYTHING!! These shirts are adorable!! I'm going to try and get motivated and start planning for 3 of my kids' birthdays coming up in June! Wish me luck!!

    And thanks for linking these up @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!!


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