Friday, March 5, 2010

I don't feel good & some new cute glasses frames!

Ok, so about a month ago I went to the eye doctor. He put a drop in my eye and said ok, your fine it was just a little swelling. Try not to wear your contacts so much. Well, a month later that turned into a really bad eye infection. I just went in this morning to the eye doctor and he gave me a prescription that I have to put in my eye 8 times a day every two hours for the first two days and then 4 times a day the next 5 days. It hurts to blink. :o( Oh, well he said that I will feel like new by Tuesday. Lets just say... It better!

On to a more fun topic. While I was there I went ahead and looked at new glasses. I went ahead and purchased these SUPER CUTE Nicole Miller Frames. You can't tell from the picture but they are just adorable on the inside and out. When I get them I will take a couple pictures!


Anyways, lots of work to do today. Hopefully next week I will feel more like blogging since I am working on stuff for the party this weekend!


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