Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Link to Easter Oreo Suckers and Apron Giveaway

Ok, so this is purely because I love the Easter Oreo Suckers! Although the apron is adorable, the Oreo pops are SEW STINKIN CUTE!!!!

Over at How Does She? today's post is Easter Oreo Suckers and Apron Giveaway. I really was not in the mood to blog about the party today. I am not Mickey'd out, just don't want to share a couple things until after the party. On that thought really quick... I need prayers! I am going to have about 65 people at my house on Saturday and need it to be 75 and sunny! Although they are predicting some wind and a 10% chance of rain, I hope the wind will be minimal and the rain will be 0.

Ok, back to the Oreo pops. Here is a picture of the adorableness!

I just love them... Don't you? Don't be surprised if I don't try to do these for the party... That is if I have time... ;o).


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