Thursday, August 2, 2012

Another Baby Gift Sort Of...

So remember when I did the diaper wipe holder tutorial? No? Well its a good thing I know where it is... here no joke, I use my own tutorial. I just already have the pattern all ready to go. :)

Well my sisters friend saw hers and asked if I would make her one if she bought the fabric. I am a world class sucker for saying yes to this kind of thing. My New Years Resolution of learning to say NO hasn't worked very well.

Whatevs. So she brought the fabric over and we proceeded to make one for her. Of course I had to add a wipe case that is all decorated cute to match the fabric.

I would have added a name in heat press vinyl, but the fabric was so busy it wouldn't have looked very good.... it was kind of nice to pull out the sewing machine. I haven't used it in over 6 months. Got burn out from doing a lot of stuff at once. I love using it though and this was a nice simple project to get me back on my way to hopefully using it more.

Here it is closed you can see it has hearts and cherries on the fabric:

Here is it open. Isn't the cherry fabric on the inside darling?

Here it is with the decorated wipe case peeking out.

Front of wipe case where I incorporated the heart and cherries:

Back of wipe case:

Oh... my sister also brought over a onesie that the mom had gotten as a gift and she said that she was sure I could quickly put a V on it so that it would be cuter. Dude... really sure. Again... whatevs. Can someone teach me to say no? I almost had heart failure over this stupid onesie. The vinyl didn't quite adhere the first time and I thought I was going to ruin the onesie for sure. Got lucky though and fixed it without even having to re-cut anything. I got REALLY lucky.

Thoughts on the gifts/things I did to gifts that she had gotten?



  1. really cute! That onesie is ADORABLE! The V is perfect!

  2. Really cute! Still using the one you made for us and we love it!


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