Monday, July 9, 2012

Wimbledon T-Shirt Joke...

Do you watch tennis? Yes/No... well do you know who Roger Federer or Andy Murray are? Rodger Federer is from Switzerland and Andy Murray is from London, UK. Murray is a Scotsman who had desperately wanted to be the first British man to win in singles here since Fred Perry in 1936.

Now, my family is more of a Federer fan, but my sister was going over to her friends house to watch the match. Her friends deeply dislike Federer and my sister thought it would be funny to have the Federer RF logo put on black shirts as a joke. She thought they might not let them into their house, but would find it funny. My sister and her hubby were actually rooting for Murray to win; howver, in the end Federer ended up winning his 7th Wimbledon title. Win or lose being that good at any sport is a major accomplishment. Congrats to them both.

Here are the shirts right after I made them:

This is my cute sister and her hubby when they came over for dinner last night after the match:

Her friends thought it was funny, so at least they didn't kick them out of their house before the match started :)

Afterwards they went to a grocery store where they were stopped by numerious people saying how great the match was, others giving them thumbs up, etc. Funny thing was they really wanted the other guy to win.

Anyways, I made this shirt with my silhouette by tracing the RF logo and then cutting it out of the heat press vinyl. My sister decided she just wanted the smaller logo and to have my brother in laws bigger. I think they turned out perfect and very professional looking.



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