Monday, December 19, 2011

(3) Back Walkovers & Scarfs

I have been so busy lately with gifts... here are some of the 40 scarfs I made as well as a video of Laci doing her new skill. We are so proud of her, and momma is tired of making scarfs. Couple that with my clumsiness last night and falling down the stairs and my rear end also hurts. Talk about a bruised ego. Ha...

Luckily I didn't get seriously hurt.

Anyways, on to the more interesting stuff. Here is a video of my little Laci at 4.5 doing (3) back walkovers in a row. Now she just has to get them a little faster.

Here are some of the 40 scarfs I made:

Hope you are having a great holiday season.... Until next time...


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