Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Highs and Lows #20 & 21

Hello... did you miss me? Can someone please let me know when there are 24 hours more in the day?

1) Laci has two cavities... boo.. they are in her back molars. The dentist said that he wasn't surprised when he saw how deep her ridges in her teeth were. I am just so lucky that Jake is going to take her to the dentist to get them filled. I think I would cry and it would scare her more. Jake said the location was really nice and that they were awesome with her, but still I hate to hear that her teeth have cavities. So boo... major boo...
2) I think I managed to pull a muscle while walking briskly to my car... at least it is feeling better after some stretching, but come on... REALLY...
3) I miss alcohol, cupcakes, bread, fried foods, and you name any other tasty thing to insert in here... I am on a diet that calls for none of the good stuff.
4) I am getting really tired of doing my Thursday linky party. I really am thinking about calling it quit around the 75th one... that is three more weeks. We shall see.
5) I have been so slammed with work I haven't been able to craft or blog. Luckily Jake got the Star Wars thing on Blue Ray and has been watching those... so while he watches that silly yucky nevil movie series I craft.

1) I have an uhmazing friend and blogging buddy Ashley over at Cute as a Fox who is helping me do some presents for the IBK's. They will either get them in their Christmas gift basket or at the end of the season gift basket.... still deciding. You can't tell me that Laci's didn't turn out amazing though. I LOVE IT and am so thankful for knowing such a wonderful person!

2) The gift committee for the Itty Bitty Kitties has gotten together and we have decided on the 13 gifts that we will be giving to the girls. $100 = 13 gifts... uhm... I will die now if that is ok with you!?! I am so excited to start working on some of these things!
3) Started a diet on 9/11/11, as of this morning I am down 6.4 pounds... don't ask me about inches or working out... I am not measuring and not working out. I want to work out, but short of waking up at 4:30 or staying up past my bed time I have to figure something out. At least the diet is working and I am back in the 130's which is definitely a happier place for me, now if only I could get this flab into fab I would be even better. Oh well the Mona Lisa wasn't painted over night right? So me and South Beach Phase 1 are going to ride this wave down into the 120's... haven't seen 129 since I got pregnant with Laci over 5 years ago... so fairwell to the sweets, fairwell to bread and pasta, fairwell to all the fried yummy goodness. I won't know what you taste like again for a while. But on the upside maybe by the time I am done with losing weight and then working out to tone it all up I will be able to fit in my jeans from before I had Laci. Talk about being pumped for that day to happen!
4) Bought a new dishwasher because ours blows chunky monkies! It came with the house and is louder than a freight train... ok, so not so bad, but not good. Plus it doesn't clean the dishes unless it is on pots and pan mode. What the heck does that mean for the pots and pans then? Anyways, it was only 3.5 years old, but that thing had to GO! We will be getting our new one in less than 3 weeks and it will be a 46 decibel level one. Pretty much you will have to look at it to see if it is running... Boo Yah!
5) We got some more of the light switch things that lets Laci turn on lights her self. So she can officially turn on the downstairs bathroom, her bathroom upstairs, her room light, her closet light and as soon as we switch some wires the play room light. I am lazy and totally stoked about not having to go up and down the stairs because it is getting dark outside and she wants the light on. On an even better note, she now sleeps with the bathroom light of since she can turn it on by herself. Laziness at it's finest and I am in LOVE!
6) Made some crock-pot chicken this past Sunday that was Uh-Mazing. Frozen Chicken, Chicken Broth, and some packets of Italian Dressing... tender, juicy and it lasted for 4 days worth of lunches and dinners. SCORE!
7) I LOVE COFFEE... nuff said... Vanilla is bombtastic...
8) I think I am getting the boot award this year for our yearly meeting in 3 weeks which means I have busted my rear this year and kicked some major a$$. I have over $7,000 in loss to the company I work at accounted for in just 3.5 months of interviews. Let me say first that this isn't my primary or even secondary job, and also in case count % I am 1/2 way in the pack and as for $ percentage based on how long each person has been interviewing this past year I am 3rd... Did I tell you we have 18 people not including me in what I am doing on the side. Yeah... I rock... I am just going to pat myself on the back. So I hope I get the boot award. It was hinted that I would be.
9) I am so incredibly proud of my husband. He is doing the diet with me and as of yesterday was down over 10 lbs. It is making it so much easier that he is doing this with me, because then I am not tempted to cheat on the diet. He has his goal and I have mine. Working together to stay on the diet when we are out has helped as well. Plus we have easily saved over $200 since we aren't eating out. We were eating out like twice a week before. We haven't gone out but once and with the will power we both had we managed to stay on the diet and not drink along with our friends. That was tough at first, but I think it will get easier.
10) The skies in the morning have been nothing short of morning glory at it's finest. I love it and wish I could take pictures instead of being in the car driving.

It has been a wonderful two weeks for the most part!


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  1. sucks about the cavities! My son had one last time we took him for the same reason. In fact they even filled another ridge just since it was so deep he said we'd never be able to keep it clean enough. Still sucks though!

    And so great about the diet! I Love the South Beach Diet cookbook. Yum!


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